Video Slideshow

Many couples decide to make a video of their lives to share with their guests. We opted to show the video after the rehearsal but before the rehearsal dinner. There are three videos: one of me growing up, one of my husband growing up, and then one of us, once we had met.

To create the video slideshows, we went through a bunch of old photos. I gave this project to my husband, Denton, since I thought this would be a great way for him to participate in the never ending wedding task list! He scanned all of the photos. Then, he put the photos in chronological order with my help. Finally, we picked the songs for the three videos. It took us ages to pick the perfect songs.

Denton compared different types of software to put the songs to music. He opted to purchase Photo Story 3 . He had to spend some time getting the photos to go in the right direction as they “slide” on the screen.

Don’t underestimate how much time this DIY project can take! I gave this project to my husband, Denton. It took him probably 30-40 hours to make our videos. I think that they are fantastic! To see the videos, click here.