Get Married

My, aren’t we special?

Get Married has added us to their Blog Roll! Their extensive list tracks a ton of bride bloggers as well as vendors and others in the industry. Get Married in an amazing website that helps brides plan for their big day. There is articles about every possible aspect of planning to links to the latest bridal fashion shows. Besides the website and magazine, Get Married is also on We TV!

Thank you Get Married!!

DOCed + Blogged

I’m blogging about being blogged!

It’s always exciting when a fellow blogger writes about you. Miss Stiletto on Wedding Bee aka Soon to be Koo wrote a lovely post about her reasons for hiring a Day of Coordinator aka a DOC. Check out the post. It was amazing to see all of the positive comments. It looks like there are several Honey Bee Brides that are also Wedding Bee readers!!

Recently, I had a Bride that opted not to use our services. She said that her caterer will handle everything that day. I’m sorry but I have never met a Catering Manager that does my job! Catering Managers aren’t going to make sure that your hair stylist and/or make-up artist arrive on time. Nor are they going to help if there your limo driver never shows up. Or worse, if there is a problem with your gown. While they may set out your favors, they aren’t going to make sure that the DJ is playing your Must Play list.

Let me end this post with a photo. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Below is a photo of me organizing a 36 person bridal party at the rehearsal. I have my spreadsheets in hand and am calling out to the bridal party to get them organized. But don’t look at me. Look at the beautiful bride-to-be, smiling and enjoying herself. That is what you get when you have a DOC.

My New Favorite Blog

As you already know, etiquette is one of my favorite topics.  Regardless of everything else that defines you (where you live, your profession, or your income) everyone should strive to have good manners and be a gracious host.  

I find Emily Post to my my personal inspiration.  Then you can only imagine my excitment when The Emily Post Institute started a blog!  It’s a wonderful daily read for all of those questions that you have about etiquette.