My Invitations Part III – Vendor Reviews

Postage StampsZazzle D-
I hope that this is my worst vendor. I ordered 120 stamps using various pictures. One sheet came out very poorly because it was a photo that we took at our engagement. Since Zazzle advertised a 100% exchange policy, I emailed them to exchange those pictures. Zazzle sent me a return number. A few weeks later, I have a credit on my credit card. I inquired about the status of the exchange. A different sales rep told me that they do not do exchanges on the custom stamps. Even after I sent him the emails from the other sales rep, he refused to allow me to exchange or allow me to replace my stamps. I was extremely disappointed with the customer service. I would NOT recommend.

Postage StampsYourStamps A-

Our stamps from Zazzle turned out way too big for our response cards. Like, WAY TOO big. My FI knew that photo postage stamps were really important to me. Why? I don’t know… but it was one of those things that I HAD TO have. He searched online and found Your Stamps. We ordered without much research. The stamps arrived at our local Ritz Camera so that we could avoid shipping costs. It was convenient and a cost saver.

Vintage Postage StampsChampion A+
I purchased 4 types of vintage stamps so that I could have the collage look on my envelopes. While putting them together, I emailed to inquire the size of the stamps. I received a quick reply. The stamps came in 1.5 weeks later in perfect condition. I would highly recommend. We purchased $.91 worth of stamps for 125 guests for $256.

Calligraher – Marilyn A+

Marilyn did a wonderful job on the calligrapher on my outer envelopes. She gets the + for putting up with our multiple trips to her home (last minute addition, change of last name, change of address, can you add my nephew’s name to this inner envelope, etc.)

Invitations – White Aisle A

Our invitations arrived about 5.5 weeks after ordering. A few days later– as I was assembling them to mail out– I noticed that some of the response cards had a printing flaw. It wasn’t very noticeable but it was nonetheless a flaw. After emailing Rebecca, she responded within minutes.

She asked that we send her some pictures of the problem. My camera is crap so the flaw wasn’t clear. Since she was using mine invitations as samples, she already had plenty of extra to mail to me. The next day I sent her my flawed response cards and she mailed me the new ones. I received mine in the mail.
A few days later, I emailed her to see if she saw the problem. Apparently, the cards were destroyed in the mail. Maybe I am overly sensitive, but she never accepted the blame or apologized. While I see her point of view (she didn’t get proof of the mistake), I wish that she would have been a little more remorseful about the entire situation.

Boo To Zazzle

A few months ago, I wrote a post about my satisfaction with Zazzle. Well, things have unfortunately changed. When we received our stamps, there was a letter stating that Zazzle has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We used 5 different pictures for our stamps. Two pictures that were less than stellar. The first picture is of us from the moment we got engaged. Taken with my camera, it was a little fuzzy on the stamp. Since I was exchanging those two sheets, I decided to swap out athe second picture because it had too much greenery and didn’t look as good.

I emailed Zazzle to inquire into the details of the exchange policy. The customer service representative emailed me back saying, “Thanks for your e-mail. We are more than willing to exchange the product you received for a replacement.”

A few weeks later, I had a credit on my account. I emailed Zazzle again. I was told that they do not do replacements on photo stamps. I emailed them back with the original email that stated they would replace the stamps. When I finally heard back after two inquiries, I was told that they would do nothing.

Unfortunately, I have to pull my review of this online vendor. I think it is horrible customer service to offer one thing and then do something entirely different.

Zazzle Me

When I read about the Zazzle sale, I decided that this was one “extra” that I couldn’t do without! I have seen them before and just loved them!

Since this wedding has totally turned me into an indecisive bride that can never make up her mind… I ordered several!

The quality of this stamp is pretty bad. There is too much green and not enough light. Zazzle is awesome– they are going to do a free exchange. It’s their policy!

Another not so great stamp that I’m going to exchange for more of the umbrella stamp!

If you are considering photo stamps, I highly recommend Zazzle.